Homeownership March 20, 2023

How to Keep Your Life Together While Your Home is in Limbo

Selling your home can be an exciting time, but it can also be stressful. After all, when you have prospective buyers coming to view your home, you have to make sure that it looks perfect at all times. That means making sure that it is always clean and tidy and that any mess is tucked away out of sight. But while this may sound like a lot of work, don’t worry – there are some tips and tricks that you can use to make the process easier and help you live a (semi-)normal life while your home is being shown. 

Make a Pre-Showing Checklist

When selling a house, preparing for showings is essential for making sure potential buyers are left with a good impression. One key way to ensure that all necessary tasks are completed before showings is to create a pre-showing checklist. This list should include simple tasks such as taking out the trash, wiping down surfaces, putting away clutter, and laundering bedding or towels if needed. Writing down all of the steps makes it much easier to remember everything that needs attention in order to give viewers the best look and feel possible. Doing so will not only help your house sell faster but will also make sure you don’t forget the little things in the rush of getting ready for a showing.

Make Your Bed as Soon as You Wake Up

Starting the day off right usually means having a plan and sticking to it, and making your bed as soon as you wake up can be part of that plan. By making a little effort to tidy up your room each day, you can start out with peace of mind knowing your bedroom looks well-ordered. Additionally, should an unexpected home showing appear without prior warning, you can simply fluff the pillows and make sure everything looks presentable in mere moments!

Hide Laundry in a Lidded Hamper

A lidded hamper is the perfect way to keep unsightly laundry out of sight when it comes to staging your bedroom for sale. When you are getting ready to welcome prospective buyers, you don’t want them to be greeted with an open hamper filled with wrinkled linens. An aesthetically appealing lidded hamper offers a stylish solution that will not only help you retain potential buyers’ attention and prevent unfavorable first impressions but also provide practical storage space for everything from heavy-duty comforters to light towels and delicates. Investing in a chic, lidded hamper is definitely worth it for the extra layer of tidiness your bedroom needs.

Put Nightstand Drawers To Work

In order to keep a room looking neat and tidy, it is important to clear away the odds and ends that accumulate around the nightstand. A few simple steps can help ensure clutter isn’t left on display. After making your bed and freshening up the area, place items such as magazines and jewelry out of sight. If your nightstand lacks drawers, use a lidded box to store the items under the bed or on top of your dresser for when you need them in the future. Keeping these essentials tucked away between uses gives your bedroom an immediately more calming appearance.

Stash Cleaning Wipes in the Bathroom

If a last-minute showing pops up with little advance notice, cleaning wipes will come in handy! Stash some in each bathroom so dirt or smudges can be quickly wiped away without having to grab cleaning supplies from elsewhere in the house.  

Stay Sane While Selling Your Home

Staying on top of your home while it is in limbo is an admirable lifestyle choice. Don’t let your day-to-day life be disrupted by the chaos that comes with selling or renting a new home; use the tips provided here to help keep your space clean and clutter-free so that you can remain stress-free. A little extra effort goes a long way when it comes to keeping your home organized while it’s listed for sale! Keeping these tips in mind will not only help you stay sane throughout the transition but also help you make a great first impression on potential buyers.