HomeownershipLifestyle July 3, 2023

Stop Being Overwhelmed By Clutter

Everyone wants to live in a clean, organized home. However, the approach to organizing varies from person to person. What works for some may not work for others. Your personality type plays a critical role in determining what organizational approach suits you best. Research has shown that individual personalities play a crucial role in the choices we make. We have identified five personality types that influence home organization. In this blog post, we will give you some organizational tips for your specific personality type to help you get organized and stay that way.


Openness Personality Type

If you have a creative personality, choose personal, organizational systems that allow individual expression. Instead of traditional storage solutions, choose colorful and unique containers to store your items. Personalized storage solutions like custom-made shelves or hand-woven baskets are perfect for this personality type. Also, consider using labels that describe your unique items for easy access, and you won’t have to search for that item for hours.


Conscientiousness Personality Type

For those who are detail-oriented and love following specific plans, detailed and specific organization methods with time-tested systems provide the best results. Invest in plastic bins to organize your items, as they come in different sizes and can easily fit into tight spaces. Get drawer organizers to keep smaller items like jewelry, stationery, and make-up neatly arranged so you know where to look for things at all times.


Extroversion Personality Type

For extroverted folks, colorful and visual storage solutions are a great bet — think easy-to-navigate items with color-coded systems and recognizable containers. Items you don’t need as often can go up high, while frequently used pieces can be easily accessed on lower shelves. Be sure to give your closet an organization overhaul, grouping your clothes by color or season for stress-free selection.


Agreeableness Personality Type

If your personality type is more agreeable, flexible options tailored to the needs of the whole family will work for you. If you have kids, you can invest in colorful containers to store their toys or games and label them. Get storage solutions that the children can easily use, so you don’t have to manage everything by yourself. If you have a spouse or roommate, share the organization’s responsibilities, and set aside some time so that everyone can chip in and organize together.

Neuroticism Personality Type

You’re someone who worries and overthinks everything? Opt for a structured system with an emphasis on problem-solving to bring some peace of mind to your life. Get a planner or digital organizing app that helps you schedule your tasks and responsibilities. Ensure you manage time well for each task, and you won’t be too bogged down by the tasks that require completion.


Time to Get Your Home Organized

By figuring out your personality type, you can come up with a home organization plan that suits you perfectly. Our tips for each type will make organizing, dare we say it, practical and (gasp) enjoyable. Whether you’re outgoing, anxious, or the sweetest person in the world, your home should showcase your uniqueness and personality. So why wait? Start organizing today, and let your home become your sanctuary!