Home Maintenance March 20, 2023

7 Ways To Keep Pests Away from Your Outdoor Space

With the warm weather rolling in, it’s time to start spending more time outdoors. Whether you’re enjoying a meal with family and friends or lounging by the pool, the last thing you want is for pesky bugs to ruin your fun. Luckily, with a few simple steps and precautions, you can keep away unwanted critters and enjoy your outdoor space all summer long! 

Remove Standing Water

Standing water offers an ideal breeding ground for many insects, so be sure to empty any buckets, bird baths, tires, and other objects that may contain water. If you have a pond or pool on your property, adding fish will help control larvae levels. 

Keep Larvae Out of Water Features

If you have fish ponds or fountains on your property, make sure they’re treated with larvacides to reduce the number of mosquitoes in the area. You should also check any pools or spas that are not treated with chlorine regularly; larvae grow quickly in these environments and must be controlled effectively. 

Invest in Mosquito Nets to Ensure Optimal Health and Safety

Installing mosquito nets around areas where people gather can help keep out flying insects like flies and mosquitoes. Look for ones that are specifically designed to keep out pests while still allowing fresh air to flow through freely; this will help ensure a comfortable atmosphere while keeping bugs away from humans.

Install Outdoor Ceiling Fans 

Installing ceiling fans outside can help create a breeze that keeps bugs away from people gathered outdoors. This is especially useful when there isn’t much natural wind; the fan will create enough air circulation to keep pests at bay without making it uncomfortable for those enjoying some outdoor time.      

Be Prepared with Bug Repellent

Having bug repellent handy is always a good idea; it’s a quick way of getting rid of any annoying buzzing pests without having to resort to chemical sprays that could potentially harm other living creatures in the area (including us!). Consider using natural repellents such as essential oils mixed with water for added protection against bugs without risking potential health hazards caused by aerosol sprays.

Store Cushions Indoors

Kick back and relax on an outdoor sofa without fear of creepy crawlies! To ensure that mosquitoes—as well as spiders, ants, or earwigs—don’t join your party, you should take a few moments to bring cushions and throw blankets indoors when you’re done. Enjoy the summer days worry-free and in peace!

Burn Citronella Candles

Citronella candles are a great way to keep mosquitoes at bay while creating a welcoming atmosphere during outdoor gatherings. The candles provide just enough light and scent without overpowering everything else around them—plus they look lovely too! 

Enjoy the Outdoors Insect-Free

When it comes to creating an outdoor space that’s pest-free, prevention is key. A combination of these tactics can help you keep annoying bugs away so you can kick back and enjoy your outdoor space. With some preparation and forethought, you can balance each of these techniques to make sure your outdoor living area remains enjoyable all summer long. So craft your ideal combination of preventative measures today for a pest-free tomorrow: You deserve a peaceful summer season!